Yum : Operation too slow. Less than 1000 byt es/sec transferred the last 30 seconds

  • First thing to try is the usual
    yum clean all
  • You might be running 3rd party repositories and do not have yum-plugin-priorities installed.
    This could compromise your system, so please install and configure yum-plugin-priorities.
  • You could also try the following:

yum –disableplugin=fastestmirror update.

  • minrate This sets the low speed threshold in bytes per second. If the server is sending data slower than this for at least timeout' seconds, Yum aborts the connection. The default is1000′.

  timeout Number of seconds to wait for a connection before timing out. Defaults to 30 seconds. This may be too short of a time for extremely overloaded sites.

You can reduce minrate and/or increase timeoute. Just add/edit these parameters in /etc/yum.conf [main] section. For example:


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