ssh to the minions in pks cluster

a. Open the Ops Manager interface by navigating to the Ops Manager fully qualified domain name (FQDN) in a web browser.

b. Click the Ops Manager Director tile and select the Status tab.

c. Record the IP address for the Director job. This is the IP address of the VM where the BOSH Director runs.
d. Select the Credentials tab.

e. Click Link to Credential to view the Director Credentials. Record these credentials.

f. ssh to the ops manager vm
a. bosh alias-env gcp -e –ca-cert /var/tempest/workspaces/default/root_ca_certificate
where is the DIRECTOR-IP-ADDRESS we retrieved in step 1.
b. bosh -e gcp log-in
enter the identity and password retrieved in step 1
c. bosh -e gcp vms
will list the vms
d. bosh -e gcp -d service-instance_00579a16-7d5e-4ab5-9dfb-e70873d24ed2 ssh worker/55764b66-7eb9-4834-a9f4-24fd421558cc
where service-instance_00579a16-7d5e-4ab5-9dfb-e70873d24ed2 is deployment name and is instance name


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