Layer and tier

difference between a layer and a tier:

q1: web server architecture is a pipelined architecture.

q2: cloud archi require end teir design architecture.

q3: SOA architecture: component architecture

q4: GoF book “design patterns”

q5: plugin: type of factory pattern implemented to submit a inversion of control for object.

q6: piece of code that runs on its own

q7: GoF

q8: all hidden

q9: encapsulation ensures that the code does not have direct dependencies outside that can be changed at will.

q10: Cohesion determines layes

q11: cannot be scled easily

q12: no of things in piece of code.

q13: Favor component design over inheritnce

q14: Persistence,caching and optimistic locking cohesive code.

q15: Instance separately and consumed has connection with business ligic and comes as a service.

q16: sprint methodology (iterative)

q17: how implementation is done vs how it was told.


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